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Auditions for the workshop for HELLO will take place on Monday January 9th at 1 to 3pm at the Green Thumb Theatre Studios, located at 5522 Mackinnon Street. Call backs are on Tuesday January 10th at 1 to 3 pm at the same location.
The audition is run as a group theatre ensemble structure using the ritual process of enter, enact and exit. The audition will include voice and physical work such as viewpoints and Suzuki. A simple two-person conversation script and a song will be introduced.
What we are looking for are artists who can work with an inclusive casting, are committed, willing to collaborate with those who may be different, adventurous, generous and open to unique methods of theatre creation.
We are seeking to cast two actors to fill a cast of six. The characters we seek are:
JOE:(25 to 40, male or female)
This character is a compilation of Tom Waits, Kim Carnes (Betty Davis Eyes) and Tiresias (the blind prophecy teller of Ancient Greece). He/she is the storyteller, Daniel’s friend, the conscious of Mutti (Daniel’s mother), a great dancer, agile, a good singer, sly and a bit of a devil for Rachel. He/she plays the harmonica, which he/she keeps in his/her pocket. This character will also play Joe Lawyer, Joe Institutional Guard, and Joe Institutional Inmate.
THE MAN: (40 to 60)
He is tall, lanky, opinionated, judgmental, intelligent and moralistic. He hides his self-doubt behind a piercing directorial presence. He seldom speaks, and though mostly silent; he imposes immense power with action, gesture and sound.
World famous playwright Arthur Miller and his last wife, Austrian photojournalist Inge Morath, married in 1962 and had a beautiful daughter. In 1966 they had a son who was born with Down Syndrome. They named him Daniel. Daniel never lived with his family. Instead, he was shut away in an overcrowded, understaffed institution akin to bedlam. For over forty years the general public never knew there was a Daniel Miller.
HELLO is the third work in the trilogy of this true story. The first two being The Secret Son (from the fathers point of view), Egni’s Eye,( from the mother’s point of view) and finally HELLO… from Daniel’s point of view. How would Daniel see his birth, his family’s life if he was never a part of it? His vision of the world was through television, mostly cartoons. Did he ever learn to read and write? What did he think happened at a family birthday party? What if Daniel could step back in time, before he was born, to his birth and onwards to watch the family story unfold? How would he envision it and his place in it? It certainly would be a wonderous mix of reality, fantasy, painful family truths and often painfully politically incorrect and yet hilarious hijinks.
HELLO is a work of intimate family discovery through the eyes of Daniel’s imagination. There is singing, dancing, family feuds, friends and food all woven together with moments of astounding truth paired with equally astounding denial.