Angelo Moroni – Musician, Performer, Community Builder

Over the coming months we will be introducing you to some of the fantastic people who are a part of the Theatre Terrific community.

Angelo Moroni

Angelo Moroni

Name: Angelo Moroni

When & how did you first get involved with Theatre Terrific?
I first got involved with Theatre Terrific (TT) in March of 2012. I was contracted to give a 2 month social theatre workshop to the participants of TT. Then I was invited to accompany James Coomber, than musical director in TT’s productions of Water and Pantaloon’s Pawnshop.

Tell me a little bit about your background:
I am a performer, actor, musician and facilitator. Originally from Chile, but grew up in Vancouver. I’ve been practicing Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) for more then 15 years. Studied classical theatre in the UNAM, Mexico City. Adapted TO for children and the visually impaired. I facilitate at different Neighbourhood Houses and with organizations mainly in Vancouver. I have presented my solo performances in different events in Vancouver. In process of creating S.I.T.E Theatre – a site specific type of street theatre with concepts of performance art and modern dance.

Lianne Crowe & Angelo Moroni during the workshop for I Love Mondays

Lianne Crowe & Angelo Moroni during the workshop for I Love Mondays

What do you do for a day job?
I work with Kitsilano Neighbourhood House managing a children’s program that focuses on childrens’ cognitive and social development using basically anything that interests them.

Which previous shows have you been a part of?
From most recent: acting role in TT’s ‘I love Mondays’, ‘Blind Walk through the Noize in the Key of D’ with the Vancouver Electronic Music Ensemble, “Remembering” solo performance for Vandocument, and antagonist role in ‘Conversations with Willie, it’s complicated’ (scotia dance centre).

Angelo performing at the Inclusion in Action evening

Angelo performing at the Inclusion in Action evening

What is your involvement with Being Animal?
I am a musician making and playing music live with James Coomber. I am also involved (a little) in the creation process of Being Animal along with the actors.

What do you hope people take away from seeing Being Animal?
I think one of the first things that people will take from Being Animal is the understanding of the incredible ability of people with disability. Second, if feel the public will have a space to think about and question their own innate “animalistic” characteristics that we carry, and often, hide or forget – that is directly connected with the type of social and living environment we choose to be in. Thirdly, I think people will leave the performance with a sense of joy and wonder from experiencing the quality, innovating and engaging production of Being Animal – that is basically characteristic of all of TT’s productions.


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