Landon Krentz – General Manager

Landon Krentz – General Manager

Landon KrentzLandon Krentz is a bilaterally profoundly Deaf individual who is completely bilingual in English and American Sign Language. He brings his unique perspectives to the portfolio of arts administration and event management meanwhile advocating the arts to be more accessible. Landon believes in providing communication access to all people while working hard to ensure they are “heard.” He hopes to create more opportunities and challenging conversations around finding resilience in self-expression.

Earlier this year, he had created a series of giphyself-portrait projects that created dialogues around the issues when identifying some of the gaps between the Deaf and the hearing worlds as well as including many different communities.  He is known for his first piece that went viral called, “The Value”, an art work that explores the idea that all conversations has a value and how some dialogues are more costly.  View “The Value” by Landon Krentz

After completing his International Baccalaureate diploma and Event Management diploma, he started his journey into the arts. His professional goal is to become a compassionate leader and look for ways in increasing organizational capacity. Providing all artists’ access to community building and spaces to celebrate their achievements. This is where Theatre Terrific and Landon find the synergy. Our values are a great match, to make a considerable effort to ensure that performing arts is accessible to all artists and community members.

Landon is looking forward to bringing his energy and passion into this position as a General Manager. Working in the arts gives him the space where he can both strengthen his skills and work towards making more artistic spaces and organizations accessible.

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