A Truck Full of Chickens


Reviews for A Truck Full Of Chickens

A Truck Full of Chickens

Performance Dates 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16 & 17 September at Vancouver Japanese United Church

Reviewer Karen Fitzgibbon

The story begins with two strange chickens (male and female chickens?) I think one should have been a rooster. The fellow played the ukulele and the gal a guitar. The play as you can tell by the title took place in the back of a truck. The sound effects of the truck starting up and the sliding effects of closing and opening the truck’s steel door were well done.

The chickens wondered why they were in the truck and where they were going. Well I guess we all know where chickens go when they die and it isn’t straight to heaven but to wind up as chicken soup on someone’s table first. Soon, we found out that the two strange chickens who have been playing and singing all this time are not chickens but infiltrators taking them to slaughter. Now all hell breaks lose.

I was moved by the performers by their determination and how uniquely they presented themselves. The encouragement for those with physical and mental challenges at Theatre Terrific impressed me.

As time went on the stage scene shifted over to a restaurant that served chicken dinners. There we find 3 chefs putting dinner on and a single customer was chosen from the audience, led to a table and served ….you guess?
It was fun, very different and to the entire production I’d like to say, “Good Job!”

© 2011 Karen Fitzgibbon Review Vancouver

A Truck Full of Chickens: Don’t count your chickens until they’ve hatched their plan

Lisa Barrett

Plank Magazine
September 12th, 2011

Created by Writer/Director Susanna Uchatius and the Theatre Terrific players, this Fringe BYOV show is happening at the Japanese United Church.

Opening with the crooning of suspicious-looking chickens playing a ukelele and a banjo, we are gradually introduced to a truck full of chickens bound for the diner.  What will they do?  These are no ordinary chickens!

These are chickens with dreams and, once they discover that they aren’t on a tour, they organize to contrive their daring escape. As with much of life, the chickens go along with the program, jump aboard the truck and only after the doors are closed does someone ask if anyone knows where they’re going.  “I think we should have asked”, observes one astute chicken. Indeed.  So should we all…

This is a tale of hope, friendship and sacrifice in the middle of a terrible situation.  Mixing the funny with the heartfelt, these chickens will win your heart with their clucking and banter and charming dreams. The solo song at the end really softened up this tough old bird.  Comes with a truly delicious ending.

September 2011 Fringe Production

“A Truck Full of Chickens”

The 2011 Fringe production of A Truck Full of Chickens will be a comedic musical that takes a bumpy ride aboard a lost truck loaded with a scoop full of characters thrown together by chance.  Their destination is over the next hill.  Their status is confusion, desperation, fear, doubt, and pessimism peppered with humor. The bus occupants include one eternal optimist and every other perspective.  A Truck Full of Chickens is a celebration of the power of the positive.

This fantastic, fun and frolicking Fringe production is set to take off in July.

Writer/Director:  Susanna Uchatius

Composer/Choral Master:​  James Coomber

Stage Manager: Ally Colclough


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