All Sorts

All Sorts poster-1

Check your ego at the door!

September 4 – 13, 2008
Vancouver Japanese United Church
4010 Victoria Drive, Vancouver (at 23rd Ave.)

Welcome to the world of All Sorts – A humorous look at alliances and group identity.

For this year’s Fringe showcase, Artistic Director Susanna Uchatius directs a diverse group of 16 performers from across the Lower Mainland, creating the perfect  ‘all sorts’ cast to question life’s perceptions, wink at our assumptions and unearth some truths.  Like its candy counterpart, All Sorts has both sweet and dark sides. As always; the work is ‘one of kind’, and will perhaps mystify, but is sure to delight and touch audiences of all ages.Award-winning composer Joel DeStefano has created a evocative and engaging score of jazz, hip hop and new age.

“Our world is full of ‘all sorts’. Why is there allegiance? When is there dissension?  What happens when the walls are broken?” – Susanna Uchatius

Directed by Susanna Uchatius
Assistant Director Joel DeStefano
Performers & Collaborators Theatre Terrific Students


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