Being Animal

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BEING ANIMAL is Theatre Terrific’s site-specific work for the 2015 Vancouver Fringe Festival.  It premiered in Sculpture Grove on Granville Island.

BEING ANIMAL is a conversation with the natural world.  A place you may walk by. You sit on cool grass. Lean on a tree. Watch water. See sky. Feel air. We ask; “Do you speak with them?” With song, dance, music and puppetry, BEING ANIMAL seeks ways to “repatriate ourselves as citizens of the natural world… in order to survive as a species.”

BEING ANIMAL draws from philosopher, cultural ecologist and performance artist, David Abram’s poetic perception in The Spell of the Sensuous and Becoming Animal, about how we have forgotten to truthfully “live” in our world and speak its language.


“There are many more reasons that this is a show to be discovered and savoured, James Coomber’s deft sound design, the beautiful use of the depth and breadth of the grove, the daring, inventiveness, and vulnerability of the performers. For those seeking something authentic, this refreshing and transformative show is the one to see” – Vandellous,



“The 12 cast members, actors of all abilities encouraged and engaged the audience to start their own conversations with nature. Each part of the performance demonstrated this intimate conversation of which we are all part.  I found it deeply moving to see the physically bound and sad at heart able to be given flight, given joy, companionship, chorus and purpose. Uchatius’s vision to validate the voice of artists of all abilities by giving them the respect of challenge, by demanding virtuosity and authenticity has been clearly accomplished in this piece.” – Brigit Martens, Plank Magazine


“The ensemble is fearless as they move about the space to tell its story with few words.

The music from Angelo Moroni and James Coomber is played with skill and not a little humour, and is supported by Coomber’s beautiful sound design that reverberates through the grove and over the water. Mother Nature’s appearance to embrace us all at the end is a delight.

In the moment Being Animal is meditative, funny, touching and uplifting, but the real joy came in discovering more.” – Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents!


“One of my favourite aspects of this show is its use of masks–I’ve always loved mask work and I find that masks both remove barriers to an audience’s relation with a character, but also accentuate what is particular or idiosyncratic about a performer’s body, turning what some may see as a performance liabilities into unique physical gifts. In masks, individuality is erased, but humanity is accentuated.

As much as BEING Animal uses ideas of “the natural world” thematically, at its core it is startlingly human. It’s not about having an open mind, but about having an open heart–recognizing our shared frailty, our longing for communion (whether with nature or with each other), and our strength.” – Lauren Kresowaty, Nifty Not Cool


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