The Hidden Stories Project

The Hidden Stories Project

Where do the different cultural stories of our human existence meet? Can they meet? How? Today’s world is a brew of cultures that struggle to survive, to be acknowledged and to contribute.

To thrive and co-exist as a multi-cultured community, we must first find ways to clearly hear, see, value and express our own story. If we fully embrace and honor ourselves, we can become open to hearing, seeing, valuing the expression and difference of stories from other cultures. The Hidden Story Project will bring together artists of differing abilities, different cultures along with indigenous artists. Together they seek to hear, see, value and express their stories together. It is a journey of trust, respect and collaborative creation like no other!

The Hidden Stories Project will be presented at 2016 Vancouver Fringe Festival from September 9th to September 18th on Granville Island. Get your ticket here

Hidden Stories Postcard (Ab Day)

“I have a lot of connections in the DTES and wanted to bring theatre to Aboriginal Front Door because there they tell their stories but they don’t get the knowledge to do any healing. I want to use art for healing and look to theatre to help with that aspect of things. Theatre, in my life, has always been a saving grace.  It did a lot of healing for me, in a lot of ways.  Like ways of forgiveness, ways of looking through other peoples eyes, ways to teach you another way of thinking. Theatre teaches you how to give and learning to give is the biggest healer.” – Bill Beauregaurde

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