Sept 8 – 17, 2005
Vancouver Fringe Festival

Vancouver Japanese United Church
4010 Victoria Drive (at 23rd Ave)

The word ‘ugly’ is unusual in that it originates from the root work “fear.”  This odd relationship clarifies the origins of what is truly “ugly”….namely “fear” in its many forms.  Fear affects the small things in our day to day lives.  If we have the courage to step over that threshold of fear, with even the smallest initiative, whole new vistas open….humans connect. A true example of taking a small initiative to step over that threshold of fear.  The icing on the cake was a glowing review in the Vancouver Sun, Sept 14 2005

Written & Directed by Susanna Uchatius
Assistant Director Darlene Brookes
Cast Theatre Terrific Students Ash Reeder, Darryl Dickson, Danny McLean, Erika Kemp, Salah Kharief, Robin Holmes, Andrea Watkins, Colin Carney and Jonah Killoran, Andy Wise, Karl Schmitt, Jake Anthony, Candice Larscheid, Alex Edwards, Katie Gray


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