Waiting For Go


A customer sits in a local cafe, waits and won’t go away.  The world swirls by, people come and go, something breaks, the weather changes, a debate flowers, the coffee grows cold, lovers reconcile and  the customer takes off his slippers. Dan, the owner, doesn’t want bare feet in the cafe.  It’s closing time.  What happens when one person stays stationary amidst the rush of humanity?”

As part of the Creating in the Fringe Intensive program, this 8 week intensive course lead by Artistic Director Susanna Uchatius and assisted by professional theatre artists in the Vancouver theatre industry. Throughout the course, students will explore the art of creating theatre in an inclusive ensemble enviornment. The class will create a 60 minute theatre piece to be performed at The Vancouver International Fringe Festival

Director/Writer:                      Susanna Uchatius

Assistant Director:                Trevor Hinton

Choral Composer:                 James Coomber

Stage Manager:                     Anthony Liam Kernes

“The warmth and energy from both the audience as well as the performers was so positive and strong that I almost had tears in my eyes. I cry roughly four times a year. The performers were brilliant and bursting with humour and life.” -Plank Magazine   READ FULL REVIEW


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