Dirty White

“In a sanitized world of white, who pays the price?”

Immaturity, greed, lust and jealousy flourished in Ovid’s Metamorphosis.  The gods indulged themselves in whatever tickled their senses, regardless of the consequences in the natural world. Dirty White flips the powers that be from Ovid’s The Raven and The Crow, twisting it into a tale of surprising reversal. The dirt, chaos and love in the natural world marries with the  pure white order of the higher heavens.  Inhabitants:  a God who plays, a Raven that obeys, Cora who sings, a Daw that spies and a Boy….. that changes everything. Lies abound. Result:  a journey that slaps the foundations of belief and asks…what are we doing here?

DW Poster

Sindy Angel, Adam Lindgren, Christian Prohom, Manuel Schulte, Charlie Wilson

Director/ Writer | Susanna Uchatius
Assistant Director | Kevin Bennett
Dramaturge | Joanna Garfinkel
Set & Costume Design | Naomi Sider
Lighting Design | Parjad Sharifi
Stage Manager | Nicole Lamb
Assistant Stage Manager | Megan Gray
Publicist | Andrew Tempelton


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