Egni’s Eye

The Story Arthur Miller Didn’t Want Told

Part 2- The Mother

World renowned playwright, Arthur Miller (Death of a Salesman, The Crucible, All My Sons) and his last wife, photographer Inge Morath had a daughter and then a son. Daniel Miller was born with Down Syndrome, institutionalized and erased from the family at birth.

Egni’s Eye is a mother’s photo journal diary… brought to life! What happens when the baby does not come home? What do you tell your daughter?… your friends?… yourself?!

Egni’s Eye is inspired by the true story of Inge Morath, photojournalist and last wife of playwright Arthur Miller. Egni is a palindrome of Inge’s name that she used to help sell her photography in a post-war world biased against all things Germanic. They met on the set of The Misfits when Miller was still married to Marilyn Monroe. Inge had been hired as set photographer. Miller and Monroe subsequently divorced. Inge and Miller married, had a daughter and three years later a son, Daniel Miller, born with Down Syndrome. His existence was never acknowledged. Neither parents obituaries, Miller’s autobiography Timebends or any of their many publications acknowledge Daniel’s existence as a member of the Miller family. (VANITY FAIR-Sept 2007- Arthur Miller’s Missing Act)

CAST (in order of appearance)

Daniel: Jonah Killoran
Joe: Paul Lapointe (also Institutional inmate,guard, lawyer, audience member)
Egni: Monique Bourgeois
Rachel: Lindsay Drummond
Renata: Odessa Shuquaya (also nurse, lawyer, audience member)


Writer/Director: Susanna Uchatius
Dramaturg: Joanna Garfinkel
Lighting/Projection Designer: Parjad Sharifi
Composer/Soundscape Designer: James Coomber
Costume Design: Susanna Uchatius
Seamtress: Florence Barrett
Set Design: Susanna Uchatius, Parjad Sharifi
Set Construction: Bill Beauregarde, Susanna Uchatius
Mask Construction: Maggie Winston, Leah Bradford-Smart, Alex Edwards, Susanna Uchatius
Poster Graphics: Jeffery Britanico


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