Mutti Hat Nichts Gesagt


Auditions for the workshop for Mutti Hat Nichts Gesacht will take place on Monday, January 11th, 2016 at the Green Thumb Theatre Studios, located at 5522 Mackinnon Street.

The audition is run as a group theatre ensemble structure using the ritual process of enter, enact and exit. The audition will include voice and physical work such as viewpoints and Suzuki. A simple two-person conversation script and song will be introduced.

What we are looking for are artists who can work with an inclusive casting, are committed, willing to collaborate with those who may be different, adventurous, generous and open to unique methods of theatre creation.


Mutti hat nichts gesagt is inspired by the true story of Inge Morath, photojournalist and last wife of playwright Arthur Miller and their son Daniel.. Inge and Arthur met on the set of The Misfits when Miller was still married to Marilyn Monroe. Inge had been hired to photograph on the set. Miller and Monroe subsequently divorced. Inge and Miller married, had a daughter and three years later, in 1966, a son.

Their son, Daniel, was born with Down
Syndrome. Arthur Miller had the boy sent away at three days old, against Inge’s wishes. Daniel Miller’s existence was never made public and he spent the first 17 years of his life in institutions for the mentally retarded as called at the time. From the age of 4 to 17 Daniel lived in Southbury Training School. At the time Daniel Miller entered Southbury it was overcrowded and understaffed with children living in rooms with 40 to 50 beds. “ In the wards you had people screaming, banging their heads against the wall and taking their clothes off,” says David Shaw, a leading Connecticut disability lawyer. “It was awful.” (Suzanna Andrews, Vanity Fair, September 2007, Arthur Miller’s Missing Act)

Neither parents obituaries, Miller’s autobiography Timebends or any media publications anywhere acknowledged Daniel’s existence. What did the Miller family tell relatives, friends, themselves?

Inge Morath was a profound journal keeper. She visited Daniel religiously, every Sunday and knew the conditions he lived in. What did she write late at night? Why did she publicly say nothing? Was she shut-up as was her son Daniel? By whom? Why did no one say anything, print anything, ask anything or do anything?


DANIEL: (20 to 40)

Daniel is genial, agreeable, spontaneous, very musical, physically strong and kind. Daniel is different in that he has cognitive challenges. Daniel must be played by an actor who has cognitive differences, true to the character.

JOE: (25 to 40)

This character is a compilation of Tom Waits, Kim Carnes (Betty Davis Eyes) and Tiresias (the blind prophecy teller of Ancient Greece). He is the story teller, Daniel’s friend, the conscious of Mutti, a great dancer, agile, a good singer, sly and a bit of a devil for Rachel. He plays the harmonica, which he keeps in his pocket. This character may also play Joe Lawyer, Joe Institutional Guard, and Joe Institutional Inmate.

MUTTI: (35 to 55)

Mutti is limber, compact, strident, agile, petit, androgynous, precise, secretly appreciates her upper social/public status and has a deep hidden insecurity about her physical androgynous appearance. She does yoga, is seldom still and keeps her emotions in stiff check. She is a photo journalist. She loves her daughter and her husband, in that order. Her husband is far more famous than she is. She has never established what she is for her son Daniel. She is not at peace.

RACHEL:(20 to 35)

Rachel begins as a young child, approximately 3 to 4 years old. She advances to a teenager and progresses to a wise 21 year old with purpose and decisive independent action. The actor must play all these ages. She is sensual, inquisitive, loving, beautiful, kind, artistic and very intelligent. She is the door that opens for her brother Daniel.

RENATE: (35 to 55)

Is Mutti’s oldest girlfriend. They grew up and went to university together. Renate leads a sedentary content country life. She is kind, maternal, concise, deep, wise, knows when to be silent and is a great cook. She knows Mutti better than anyone, and is brutally honest with her, but in a loving manner. This character may also play: Renate Lawyer, Renate Nurse, Renate Party Guest with Mask.

THE MAN: (40 to 60)

He has a deep strident powerful voice and often speaks in quotes. He is tall, lanky, opinionated, judgmental, intelligent and moralistic. He hides his self-doubt behind a piercing directorial presence.