Naked Oranges

Perceptions are disabled, not people

February 28 – March 5, 2006
Performance Works, Granville Island

A bridge, a shadowy creature, and a wise storyteller with secrets of his own form the dynamic backdrop for Naked Oranges. The production explores moments of risk and transformation, questioning our assumptions about experience and reality. Using humour, music, and arresting imagery, Theatre Terrific unveils a world of fears and misgivings, where acts of kindness have the potential to change everything.

Colin Carney, Salah Kharief, Candice Larscheid, Danny MacLean and Ash Reeder, Kim Seary (Equity), Lianne Crowe, Janet Scott

Writer and Director | Susanna Uchatius
Assistant Director | Darlene Brookes
Dramaturg | Heidi Taylor
Composer | Joel Destephano
Set & Costume Design | Anna Rafailov
Lighting Design | Jeff Harrison
Stage Manager Jenn Hogg

“Using dialogue, the cast of other-worldly characters will guide their audience through an inner exploration”


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