The Secret Son

April 22 – 25, 2009
Roundhouse Performance Centre

The Secret Son, written and directed by Susanna Uchatius combines Greek Tragedy with the aesthetics of Tim Burton and reveals the untold story of Arthur Miller, the legendary US playwright. A sweeping tragedy of family secrets, murder, love and incest, The Secret Son asks: what is of greater value, public honour or private honour?


Actors: Soksann McNamee, Marilyn Blandford, Valerie Sing Turner, Nigel Vonas, Sindy Angel, Greg Labine
Chorus: Christopher O. Cook, Alex Edwards, Celeste Insell, Jonah Killoran, Matthew Kowalchuk and Callan Parker
Author: Sean Allan


Director/ Writer | Susanna Uchatius
Dramaturg | Tanya Marquardt
Composer | Joel De Stefano
Costume and Set Design | Naomi Sider
Lighting Design | Parjad Sharifi
Style Manager | Sylvia Betts

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