The Water Project

“The play “Water” deals with our consumption of water and the inequities that exist in
terms of who has access to what should be a right– but really has become a
commodity. We all need to have access to clean drinking water in order to live, but in
many countries it is very scarce, while in others you can just turn on the tap and there
it is. The politics around the control and distribution of water is touched on in the play
through vignettes and by using puppets; which carry on the traditions of some of
Bertholt Brecht’s more didactic plays; and the agitprop theatre of the 1930′s in Europe
and the United States. Along with the physicality of the performance, you are treated
to live musicians producing at times a wonderfully percussive sound scape. The
accordion is also employed by the musicians and some wonderful singing is provided
by Stephanie Fox who is the Lady of the Lake.’ – Celeste Insell


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